5 Best Places to buy House in Florida

The place to buy a house in Florida is what you want to know. Right? well, you are a single Mommie so buying a home must be tough for you as you have too many things on your own. And picking the location of Florida has many reasons in your mind. It can be anything. You want to be closer to your household, buy a beach home for vacation, near to your dream job, close to the amazing Disney World for your kid, or else you want to pay subpar property taxes.

We examined ordinary residence value, bungalow worth preference, and the dynamism of the rental demand to know where to purchase houses in Florida. If you want to buy it for rental purposes or for investment purposes the fine list is here for you.

5 Places to buy House in Florida

To get back to you with the Places to buy house in Florida, we have examined total of 53 biggest cities in Florida. And consider all of them with the various factors like the cost of entering the real Estate Market, tax values, demand of the rental market, and whatnot. If you’re searching for a house in an emergency you can apply help for single moms in Florida Program.

places to buy house in florida

After examining 53 cities in Florida we made an average metrics for it. We have included House value preference, Property tax, Standard home value, rental home ratio, available rental property, etc. So moms here you go

Average Value Of Florida

Standard house worth$315,321.79
House worth appreciation52.4%
Influential property tax0.9%
Rent-to-home weight rate5.1%
Rent-to-income proportion44.4%
Rental emptiness rate7.9%

1. Spring Hill 

Spring Hill is situated in the Hernando Country on the central west coast of Florida. It has a great river and lake for fishing, and other recreation areas like canoeing, hiking, golf, and biking on both paved and wildlife tracks. It’s rich in nature.

After our examination, we are happy to say that Spring Hill is the best place to buy a home in Florida. House worth appreciation is higher than its average, It is 85.4%.

The prices of Houses there are $243,145. It is 22.9% below the average price for cities from our research. The renter rate is low is 3.1%.

2. Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres is located in Lee country in Southwest Florida on the Gulf Coast. it is our number two on the Places to buy house in Florida. It has one of the most extensive residential communities in Florida. it is rich in terms of environment and people. people who love birds will mostly like this place.

the price of homes here is about $236,569 which is below the average. But the rental vacancy is also below the average only 5.6%. Luckily taxes are also below the average. so if you want to save taxes you can book your flight to the Lehigh Acres

3. Palm Bay

Palm Bay is flawlessly discovered on the east central coast of Florida and halfway from Jacksonville to Miami. Orlando International Airports and Port Canaveral are near the Palm Bay. The housing style of Palm bay is quite fancy. It has single-household homes, flats, condos, townlet houses, and gated subdivisions. There are many employment opportunities and quality of life.

the houses here are $242,535 which is also below the average of the city in our research. There is an opportunity to find renters easily here who can bear the rent.

4. Pine Hills

Pine Hills is CDP and unincorporated city in orange country, Florida. It is a great place to have retire life. According to the well-reputed survey, Livability, it is depicted that city is on 17th rank out of 100 as the best place to live in. Although there is bad news about it, it has mesmerizing tech scene, economy, great tourist areas, and myriad demographics.

places to buy house in florida

The homes there are listed as $222,782, which is below average from our list. It has been given fourth priority on our list but is still the best one.

5. Poinciana 

Poinciana can deliver you the ruler vibes. Most of the people there own their homes. people are really kind there. Only 27% of people there live on rent rest has their own home. It is situated southwest of Kissimmee and about 14 miles far from East of Haines City.

homes there are worth $242,747. It is also below the average on our list. All the average ratios of all of these five are depicted below the table so check it out.

RankCityHome ValueHome Value PreferenceTax RatesRent RatioRental Vacancy RateRent/Income Ratio
1Spring Hill$243,14585.40%0.82%5.28%3.10%30.50%
2Lee High Acres$236,56965.70%0.75%5.55%3.50%38.60%
3Palm Bay$242,53563.90%0.71%5.24%4.00%33.00%
4Pine Hills$222,78297.20%0.78%5.59%4.10%54.60%
5Poinciana $242,74759.20%0.83%6.16%1.30%78.80%

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What part of Florida is best for real estate?

Orlando is the best city in Florida to buy a home. It offers some of the best cheap rates. The weather in Orlando is just perfect. It has an excellent cross from the Miami warmness to the quiet winter chilliness of Jacksonville. All of them make it the best place.

Where is the best housing market in Florida?

As of may’s data from the AEI(American Enterprise Institute), Cape Coral is the best, hottest housing market not in Florida but in all over the USA. It has a 30% increase each month.

What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Florida?

The Cheapest and safest in Florida is Cape Coral. It has the lowest crime rate with people 183,942 or more. It is estimated by the taxes, utility, and the housing cost that one person can stay happily there with the $1800 to $200

Where is the cheap place to buy a house in Florida?

The following place is rate-wise perfect in Florida to buy. Kissimmee, Fla., Palm Coast, Fla., Cape Coral, Fla., Palm Bay, Fla., Orlando, Fla., Gainesville, Fla., etc

Where is the safest place to buy a home in Florida?

Satellite Beach is the safest one to buy homes. It was ranked the number one safest city in 2020. It is a pretty coastal metropolis with 11,000 people living there.

The Final Verdict

All in all, I want to say that these five cities are amazing to buy a house in! so what are you waiting for single moms? Go and visit cities to buy your home in your preferred location. the article Best 5 Places to buy house in Florida ends here.

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