red backpack fund

Apply For Red Backpack Fund Application

Initially, the red backpack fund is Started by Spanx by the Sara Blakely Foundation. To establish the red backpack fund this foundation donates $5 million to global giving. For female entrepreneurs, global giving will be making more than 1000 grants of $5000 to each female in the US. To help female entrepreneurs in the US … Read more

Scholarships for African American women

Scholarships For African American Women

Every year hundreds of students graduate from various universities but out of them the ratio of black people, especially African American women is very less. However, with these scholarships for African American women, there is a fair chance of increasing this number significantly. Many black women suffer from financial dependency and lack of funds due … Read more

scholarship for woman over 40

Top Scholarships For Women Over 40 & 50

Whether you are considering returning to school or continuing your research work, various organizations offer scholarships for women over 40. We understand that women have so many responsibilities on their shoulders. And going back to school can have enormous financial pressure on them. But now you don’t have to worry. You may wonder, can you … Read more