10 Farm Grants For Females 2024

Nowadays, more women are entering the agriculture field than ever before. So, finding farm grants or business loans would be a breeze for women. There are some farm grants for females farmers. More women farmers need funding to sustain their operations and expand their farming capabilities.

Fortunately, there are farm grant options for female farmers. This article guides you with financing resources and grants for women farmers.

Farm Grants For Women

Here are financing resources and grants for which female farmers and independent producers can apply. Read along.

Simply Organic Giving Fund

Simply Organic is a private organization that grants funds for organic farming. And it has its line of products, including organic spices and sauces, seasonings, salads, and baking supplies. One percent of their earnings go toward the simple organic given fund.

Since 2001 more than $1.5 million have been awarded to organic farming communities, making it women in agriculture grants in 2024. To get funding from this grant program, female farmers have to produce, promote and distribute organic foods or you can offer nutrition counseling with an emphasis on organic produce.

In addition, preference will be given to those who provide organic and sustainable food options to food-insecure communities and households. To get more information about organic, you can visit its official website, simplyorganic.com


REAP stands for the Rural Energy for America Program. It is another agriculture grant for women. They provide funding for renewable energy development. For example, women starting an organic farm may get awarded funding for energy-efficient power sources to cool or heat greenhouses or supply clean energy for their operations.

To get more information about the REAP program. Visit www.rd.usda.gov.

grants for first-time female farmers


VAPG stands for Value-Added Producer Grants. Usually, this program offers funds to small farmers and ranchers who produce valuable products to enhance the production or processing stages. Therefore, this could mean organic growing technologies, sustainable growing practices, or the form of naturally raised livestock.

Small-scale and beginning farmers have added advantages. You receive $75,000 to $250,00, depending on your project. Note that you must cover half of the total project costs.

Eligible candidates can use the funds for marketing, planning activities, research, and other business operations. To learn more, visit www.rd.usda.gov.

Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grant Program

USDA makes $3 million in grants available under this socially disadvantaged group grant program. These grants are offered to help disadvantaged groups develop the capacity to implement plans and undertake projects to improve economic and social conditions.

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Grants For First-Time Female Farmers

You can find grants for first-time female farmers to meet the requirements you need to start your farming. You should know that each grant program has specific objectives that it intends to fulfill. Some of them even promote female entrepreneurs. Now, here we list some grants for first-time female farmers. Let’s begin.

Beginning Farmers & Ranchers Development Program

Beginner female farmers can apply for grant funding through this program. Their financing covers the costs of assistance and training with farm machinery. Additionally, their funds can be used to purchase farmland from retired farmers for teaching and conservation purposes.

As a result, applicants must match 25% of the awarded amount. To learn more, visit www.fundsforngos.org.

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Small And Mid-Sized Farm Grants For Women

The US department of agriculture’s small business innovation research grant program offers this program. With an emphasis on grant funding for developing new agricultural enterprises focusing on specialty farm products. Small and mid-sized farm grants for first-time female farmers.

Additionally, females learn methods of developing management tools that increase the farm’s profitability, finding efficient use of the farm’s natural resources, scaling the farm operation for small farm efficiency, and a new marketing perspective for the innovative, new product it produces.

They offer their grants typically range from $70,000 to $100,000 each. To learn more, visit www.usda.gov.

Sustainable Agriculture Research And Education Grants

Sustainable agriculture research and education grants are also known as SARE farm grants. Here, for the first time, female farmers can apply for the grants they need for their farming. These grants mainly focus on marketing, funding, and research projects.

They typically range funds from $10,000 to $200,000 each and are administered over three years. However, seven to ten projects get funded per year. To learn more, visit www.fundsforngos.org.

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Agriculture Grants For Women

Here are some more agriculture grants for women. Women can get farmers’ grants for their farming. All they have to do is research these organizations that will help them reach their project funding.

Value-added Agricultural Product Market Development Grants

The value-added agricultural product market development farm grants are offered mainly to beginner farmers. Their products differ from other agricultural products. There is an intentional change during the production that aims to increase its value in the marketplace.

Their products can turn unprofitable farms into profitable farms. In addition, farmers who get these grants get help in developing a business plan with marketing opportunities.

Organic and Green Grants

Grants encourage farmers to research related to organic and green farming. For example, the horticultural research institute competitive grants program offers funds to help nursery owners grow and market perennials and woody ornamental plants.

The organic farming research foundation regularly accepts research proposals related to organic farming. To learn more, visit www.hriresearch.org.

Farmland Protection Program

The farmland protection program manages the US department of agriculture. This program is made to protect farmland and ranches from being destroyed and used for projects unrelated to agriculture.

To learn more, visit www.agriculture.ny.gov.

Wrapping It Up

Farm grants for females are challenging to get. Fortunately, some programs offer grants for first-time female farmers. Some of the programs are made to protect farmland. And some of them promote organic farming. In this article, we covered the farming grants for women topic—of listed grants for women in agriculture. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Do banks give loans to farmers?

Ans: Besides the various government schemes, several commercial banks also offer agriculture loans to farmers.

Q.2 Can a woman run a farm?

Ans: Women have been a critical part of farm and ranch operations across the country for centuries. But if she wants to run a farm, then yes, she can run a farm.

Q.3 Does the government give farmers money?

Ans: The US government has a long history of providing financial assistance to ranchers and farmers when facing difficulties and unforeseen circumstances.

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