21 Best Careers For Single Moms

Being a single parent isn’t easy. Especially, single moms have to face many problems in their life. A single parent has to do everything like taking care of their child, working at jobs, doing homework, and many more. And if you are a jobless single parent then it becomes more difficult for you to live. However, there are the best careers for single moms which help them a lot. These good career paths for single mothers can lead them to a peaceful and happy life. Here, we discuss good careers for single moms in detail.

Why should one look for the best careers for moms? Because, it helps them to manage their time, give quality time to their children, and many more. Flexible careers for mothers can lead them to a successful peaceful life. So, let’s get to know such good career paths for single mothers which are discussed below. In this article, we also discuss the best careers for moms going back to school. Read along.

05 Best Careers For Single Moms

Now, here are crucial things that you should consider to be the best careers for single moms. Yes, it is important because your decisions can change your life. In case, you didn’t make the right decision to find a good career for single moms. Then, it becomes tough for you to survive in life. A good decision can secure a happy life for you and for your children. So, let’s get to know those 5 things that you should consider while finding good career paths for single mothers.

best careers for moms
best careers for moms

Work From Home

Working from home can provide you with time to spend with your child. As we know, in professional life we sometimes forget that we have a responsibility (our child who always waits to spend time with us). As they also deserve some love and care from their parents. Even before covid-19, the workforce has continuously changed so much in the last decade. Women are developing six-figure businesses from their phones themselves.

However, the crucial and biggest thing is to choose work from jobs that require more time with your daughter and son. As they are growing so fast and you are missing their childhood so much. I realized it when my daughter went to daycare and she used to call her daycare “Aunty”. And one day when she calls me “Aunty” my heart breaks into pieces. And it becomes unbearable to correct herself that I am her mother.

However, there is a variety of work-from-home jobs and entrepreneur opportunities. It can provide you with more time to spend with your family. Additionally, you will also get some time for yourself and your healthy fit body. And there are so many other benefits that you get from work-from-home jobs. As working from home is a flexible career for mothers.

Create Your Schedule Or Regular Hours

Creating your schedule or regular hours can also lead your life to be peaceful. For example, I was an emergency medical technician and I loved it when I was a single girl. At that time, the hours were all over the place. And a medical technician shifts randomly about every 6 months. However, there are some schedules at odd hours which I have to follow without complaining about it.

And as a medical technician, I have to work beyond my scheduled hours. Because as a healthcare professional, you can’t turn down the patients who need your healthcare treatment. But this career is fine till when I am a single girl with no care in the world. While, when I became a mom I realized that an office hour should be mine. So, I chose to work an 8 am to 4:30 pm schedule from Monday to Friday. And it helps me a lot to maintain some sort of balance.

These decisions to work at my scheduled time provide me with weekends to spend with my children. And my son and daughter used to call it “off days’ ‘. But in reality, it is still her day off as I am still a mother. However, create your schedule or regular hours for me and provide some quality times that I can spend with my family and myself. If it doesn’t work for you then you can go for number 1. It helps you to choose the best careers for single moms. Additionally, good career paths for single mothers can also help you to be your boss and monetize your passion.


Flexibility is another crucial thing that you should consider while finding the best careers for single moms. Because a single mom is everything to their children. As we all know, children get sick too often. Because they never care for themself. In case, if your child has some allergies and gets sick often whenever the weather gets changes then you need to find flexibility in your career.

As a single mom, you don’t have another parent to look after your child in your absence. And when your son or daughter gets sick, you will lose time and money too at work. Which is not a good thing. However, if your employer understands you then you are lucky enough but when you have been denied other opportunities that would help you to gain some work balance like the ability to work from home. Flexibility is a thing that you get from work jobs. We will also discuss further why single mothers should go to work from home.


Benefits are another important thing that must be considered while finding the best careers for single moms. Nothing is promised when it comes to benefits. Before pregnancy, I never got reasons to use my health insurance. The illness benefits I had in my first three months of pregnancy left me with thousands of dollars in labs and imaging bills. At that time, I learned to know the benefits first before applying for any job. If you’re living in texas then you can check Programs for single mothers in texas. In that program, they also offer jobs to single mothers.

So, do check the benefits which you can get from the company. However, some companies provide medical and dental care but not vision care. And if you are a person for whom vision care is important, then checking benefits before applying is important. Some companies offer a savings account for your dependable care. In short, checking your benefits is important. Sometimes, we benefit from a particular thing from our own company but we don’t know about it. And these benefits can also help your child too.

Build A Tribe

Building a tribe can help you a lot for a long period. There will be busy days when you are looking for a favorite nanny so you can go to work without stressing your child. But you can’t call them if you do not have built a tribe. It’s another important thing that you should consider before finding good career paths for single mothers.

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20 Reasons Why Work From Home Careers For Single Moms Is Best

Why working from home is the best careers for single moms? We already discussed it above. But here are 30 reasons that you should go to work from home. Because a single parent needs time. Where work from home jobs can fulfill all their needs. Now, let’s discuss 30 reasons why a single mom should go to work from home.

good careers for moms
Good Careers for single moms
  1. Whenever I get a call from school that my kid is sick, I don’t panic. Because I am working from home. So, without asking my boss I pick up my kid from school, drive them home and tuck them into a bed. With remedies like books and videos to feel good. And at that time I am working near them.
  2. Last year, bazillion snow days didn’t ruin my life. As I don’t need to leave my home to work for a company.
  3. Countless half-day schools never hesitate me because working from home allows me to stay with my kid.
  4. When my mom came last month to look out for us. I skipped my work in the morning to pick her up. Working from home is nothing like working hours. I can do my work on my terms.
  5. When my mom came to visit my home to meet my son. I kept him at home from school and spent all day with his grandma. I didn’t need to ask anyone that gave me a leave today.
  6. I can go to the requisite pinata birthday party at the daycare at 2 pm on any regular working day.
  7. I like to enjoy chopped salad lunch in my kitchen. Not only do these things make me happy but also save money from eating out with co-workers daily.
  8. Don’t need to spend money on clothes or spend time shopping. Because a work-from-home mom does not need to go outside.
  9. I used to do all my work whenever I wanted, like running to the post office when there was no line in the morning.
  10. During business hours, I can exercise for better health.
  11. I can use business hours to get my hair properly cut.
  12. I can even use my business hours to go to the gym.
  13. I can meet my friends without lying to my boss that my car is not starting.
  14. Use my business hours to shop for my kids and buy some gifts for them.
  15. I pick up my kids from school most days.
  16. I drop them off at school most days.
  17. Because I am at home all the time. I can make some beautiful relationships with elders who live downstairs.
  18. Can take my kids for walks, go shopping, and spend time with them.
  19. I signed up for my neighbor’s UPS delivery which makes me happy.
  20. Because I am working from home I can do anything at my suitable time. I don’t need anyone’s permission to go out, spend time with my kids, try new things, and much more.

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Good Career Paths For Single Mothers

What do you mean by good career paths for single mothers? A career that fulfills all the needs of a single mother. Any career is the best careers for single moms. All they need to do is give attention to the career which provides them time to spend with their family and themselves. And you should find such a career for single moms which is to work from home.

good career paths for mothers
Good Career paths for single mothers

As we already discussed above, why work from home is one of the good career paths for single mothers. However, we are listing here some best careers for single moms. Also, some of them are the best careers for moms going back to school. Moreover, we discussed in detail the best careers for moms going back to school. Now, let’s read the list of good careers for single moms.

  1. Personal Fitness Teacher
  2. Realtor
  3. Dental Hygienist
  4. Yoga Instructor
  5. Counselor
  6. Administrative Assistant
  7. Translator
  8. Data Entry Personnel
  9. Children’s Book Author
  10. Recipe Developer
  11. Music Teacher
  12. Dance Instructor

There is a big list of good career paths for single mothers. Just find a job in which you are interested and suitable for you and your family. You can also check grants for women over 40, You will get Financial help.

Best Careers For Moms Going Back To School

Deciding to return to school is an intimidating step. However, juggling family-related duties, full-time jobs and school is possible if you know which type of career you are pursuing. Whether some professions can yield higher satisfaction, financial benefits, and rewards than other professions. If you are the person who is going back to school while raising your kids then you can read along. Here we discuss the best careers for moms going back to school. So, let’s begin.

best careers for moms
Best Careers for moms going back to school


Teaching is one of the best careers for moms going back to school. Becoming a teacher can lead you to open up a profitable career that is filled with professional and personal rewards. Additionally, real-life experiences can make you a valuable member of the school team. However, if you haven’t worked before in this field. Then you have to consider the long educational path.

Becoming a teacher is one of the best careers for single moms. As this profession allows you to enjoy your afternoon, holidays, and weekends with your family. Your need for childcare gets reduced to the mornings. And when they reach their school age then their school timings are the same as yours. Here, are some kinds of teaching jobs that are good career paths for single mothers. Read along.

Kindergarten Teacher

In teaching, there are different levels. You can become a kindergarten teacher which delivers education to children in their first year( 5 to 7 years old). To become a kindergarten teacher, all you need is a bachelor’s degree with some work experience and practical qualifications. From these best careers for single moms, you can earn up to $50,000 per year.

Elementary School Teacher

You may also become an elementary school teacher. Here, you will provide education to kids aged between 7 to 12 years. And grades will be from 1st to 6th. In qualifications, you need a bachelor’s degree in childhood development or behavioral sciences. However, other certifications may be required during the application. And you can earn up to $45,000 to $53,000.

Middle School Teacher

After that, you can apply to be a middle school teacher too. Here, you will educate teenagers between the ages of 12 to 15. Which probably reads in 7th to 9th grade. And in qualification, with a bachelor’s degree, you need a strong understanding of a subject of math, history, and literature. Salary ranges from $48,000 to $53,000.

High School Teacher

A high teacher where adults between the ages of 15 to 18 years old get educated. You have to teach the adults in grades 10th to 12th. Here in qualification, you should have a bachelor’s degree in the subject you are going to teach with teaching qualifications and internships. Your average salary in high school will range from $50,000 to $55,000.

College Professor

You can also become a college professor. Where you need teaching experience with a master’s doctoral degree. And salary will vary depending on the subject you are teaching.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is another best careers for single moms. And according to the U.S Bureau Of Labor Statistics medical assistants are professionals. Who assist hospitals, physicians, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in the completion of tasks of administration. However, a medical assistant’s duty changes from one workplace to another. And their work includes the following:

  • Help in examinations
  • Measuring signs like blood pressure
  • Making a record of the personal information and medical history of a patient
  • Giving injections and medications to patients given direct instruction by the physician
  • Preparing blood samples for testing
  • And scheduling appointments

According to payscale, their average annual salary is $33,400. Even universities and colleges host medical assistant training for students. These courses only require a two to four years long course for practice. A medical assistant is one of the best careers for moms going back to school. Because you are a mom, you have to learn the basics of medical care for your kids. And this job position will also leave you with long night shifts and a less stressful work schedule from 9 to 5. Which provides you with more time to spend with your family.

Real Estate Agent

No doubt, real estate agents have to suffer from hectic shifts and daily stress. But becoming a real estate agent can allow you to end your shifts by the time your kids’ school gets over. Additionally, you can also set your schedule and decide whether you would like to work on evenings and weekends. And you don’t have to spend multiple years in college. All you need is some field and undertaking practical training. And these jobs will provide you with a salary of around $48,000 per year. So, a real estate agent is another best careers for moms going back to school.

Human Resources Specialists

As we know, human resource specialists are in charge of recruiting. Their work includes the interview process and deploying staff members. Growing companies have such professionals to ensure that the employees are right for the company’s growth. Moreover, HR looks after paperwork and employee information and files. The average salary of an HR is $51,000. And the shifts will be from 9 to 5. If you are finding the best careers for moms going back to school then HR specialists are the ones you can look for.


A nursing career is the best career for single mothers. In this field you can get easily a job at any hospital near your area & Payout also is high. You have to take care of admitted patients in the hospital and help doctors to do some other hospital-related work. You can also try as a baby caretaker or old-age people caregiver. If you haven’t medical education then you can also apply for Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers. And after the education, you start working as a Nurse.

SEO Specialists

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO specialists and consultants are a new highly demanding job that came to life under ten years ago. Moreover, SEO experts analyze, review and evaluate websites and webpages to ensure their rank in search engines. And these features became a source of income for entrepreneurs and bloggers. However, an SEO specialist is not the common choice for mothers.

But you can take online courses and become SEO specialists without attending college. And such SEO specialists earn up to $45,546. Additionally, you will also get the benefit of working from home in this profession.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the best careers for moms going back to school if they love arts and design. Moreover, their average income is $45,000. And more positions are available as the best careers for single moms. However, all you need is a bachelor’s degree to start a job in this field.

Web Developer

As you have heard many times about web developers. And this is also one of the best careers for moms going back to school. However, web designers and web developers are in high demand. This profession will allow you to schedule your time and your average salary in this field would be $60,000. And the most important benefit you get in this profession is working from home.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst demand is increasing and it is forecasted that it will grow 20% between 2018 and 2028. Moreover, the average salary of a market research analyst is $53,478. And it became one of the best careers for moms going back to school. However, you need a master’s degree to choose good career paths for single mothers. And one more benefit you get from these best careers for single moms is standard shifts from 9 to 5.


Finding the best careers for moms going back to school can be daunting. Especially, when the children are still young. And if you have decided to start earning straight away then you can opt for a career in consulting. Moreover, you are already an expert in this field. However, salary depends on the field you are providing consultation services as well as your experience.

The list of best careers for moms going back to school is never-ending. There are so many professional lives that are good career paths for single mothers. Other professions like counselors, nutritionists, yoga instructors, personal fitness trainers, dental hygienists, and many more. These all professions are the best careers for single moms. Every career is a good career path for single mothers. All they need to give attention to is they get the time for their family and themselves.

If you are still unable to find then check Grants women’s empowerment projects, there you surely will be getting some more ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What career is best for a single mom?

The best career for anyone is depend on a person like what that person wants to do and what he or she likes. Because when you like something you do your best in that field so when mom does something she like she will shortly become successful in it. However, the best career choice is blogging, clerking, copywriting, childcare providing, editing, and graphic designing.

What can single moms do to make money?

A single mom can do anything to make money after all she is a normal human being. But the strong one. She can do jobs, open a home business or provide freelancing services. 

What job makes the most money with the least education?

With the least education, you get the jobs like Police officers, Gaming Managers, Elevator installers and Repairers, Transportation inspectors, Commercial pilots, and Electrical Powerline installers.

How do single moms survive financially?

A single mom can survive financial well with the help of government programs, non-profit’s assistance, churches grants, charities donation, scholarships, and their own jobs 


Single mother has to face many difficulties in their life. Finding the best careers for single moms is easy. But implementation is tough. You may face hurdles at the beginning of your career. There is an infinite list of good career paths for single mothers. You can choose the one which is best for you and your family. And the best one is working from home. This is the mode of job that gives you the freedom to work anytime. In this article, we discussed in detail the best careers for single moms. Also, discussed some good careers for single moms.

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