Florida Housing Assistance For Single Mothers

Do you know that there are many Florida housing assistance for single mothers provided by the government and non-profit organizations? If you are a single mother and don’t have permanent shelter, it will be a lifetime goal to buy your own house. The real estate market is rocketing day by day, and for single mothers, it is very challenging to buy their own homes.

That is why the government and some non-profit organizations came forward to help for singles mothers in Florida. You are eligible for many housing assistance programs. So, read this article to know in detail about housing assistance for single mothers in Florida.

Where To Find Florida Housing Assistance For Single Mothers?

Florida Housing Finance Corporation

If your housing situation is unstable and looking for a residence, this program helps single mothers take charge of their own lives. This Florida Housing Finance Corporation was established by the Florida Legislatures to help the residents to buy safe, standard houses. If you’re in search of a Flat then you can also check the Free apartments for single mothers near me Program.

florida housing assistance for single mothers
Florida housing assistance for single mothers

If you are looking for a single mom program for a housing assistant, this will be the best for you. This program helps renters, first-time house buyers, workforce housing, and disaster recovery. For more details, you can call on 850 488 4197 or go to their official website.

Housing Vouchers

Section 8, HUD resources, and non-profit organizations offer housing vouchers for rental assistance. Families with meager incomes, single moms, disabled people, and senior citizens are eligible for this assistance. It is the best rent assistance Florida single mothers.

This organization will pay some portion of your rent if you qualify for this voucher. For more information, call on 202 708 1112.

Florida Foreclosure Assistance and Mortgage Help

This single mothers’ housing assistance program helps single moms to pay their mortgages. This program is a combined effort of government, local resources, and non-profit organizations. It helps low-income single moms and provides them with some amount of money to pay mortgages.

Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program (EFAHP)

EFAHP helps families who suffer the loss of shelter or do not have shelter because they couldn’t pay rent or mortgage. Qualifying families will get a one-time cash grant to buy their own house. This program also helps people whose houses are destroyed due to hurricanes, floods, or disasters. You can call on 850 922 4691 for detailed information.

Debt Reduction, Credit, and Housing Counseling Services in Florida

Some government-approved non-profit credit and housing counselors will come forward to support for single mothers. In this program, the qualifying candidate will get debt reduction, and house credit. You can call to National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800 388 2227 for more details.

The Homeless Voice

To be homeless is never a choice of anyone. The consequences force people to make harsh decisions. So, if you and your family are going through a tough time, you can ask for help, especially single mothers. You can call the homeless helpline in South Florida and Central Florida to find shelter for your family.

This helpline is there to support homeless people and provide them shelter with or without rent. You can call on 855 92 HELP 1 for help. You can also call on 954 924 3571 to book an appointment with them. You should call during business hours and need to fill out a housing request form.

Social Services and Public Aid

This government assistance for single mothers provides basic needs like energy bills, medical bills, food bills, and housing costs. It also provides funds to support the finances and become independent citizens. This program helps the single unemployed mother to find a job as well.

The Florida Department of Children and Families

This government department helps vulnerable people and those who do not have a constant source of income. It helps them to live independently and serve in society. Families may get house assistance from this program if they do not have shelter. You should call on 866 762 2237 for more details about this aid.

Single Mothers Housing Assistance Eligibility Criteria

Not everyone can get housing assistance. To get it, you must fulfill all eligibility criteria. The essential criteria are listed here:

  • You must be a Florida resident.
  • You are a pregnant or single parent of a child under 19.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • You have low income, underemployed, unemployed, or about to become unemployed.

10 Ways To Find Help For Single Moms

USDA Home loans for single mothers in Florida

USDA Rural Development provides home loans to single mothers who plan to move into rural areas of Florida. The US government’s agriculture department will pay out these loans and give you about 97% of the house loan. It may also provide 100% assistance in some cases.

Get help for single moms
Help for single moms

If you are a single mom and have applied for this loan, you don’t pay the down payment. You have to pay the conventional mortgage every month. These loans are beneficial for single moms, who don’t have massive savings to buy a house but can afford to pay the mortgage every month.

VA home loan for Single Mothers in Florida

Department of Veterans Affairs provides Florida housing assistance for single mothers. They give a home loan to single mothers who can’t afford to pay the full amount in advance. It is often called “VA Loans.”

This program’s significant advantage is that single moms don’t have to pay down payments, and it doesn’t matter what their credit score and credit history are. US treasury will pay the down payments if you are eligible for this program.
The interest rates of these home loans are meager in comparison to other loans. So, for employed single moms, it will be easy to pay monthly installments.

Down Payment Assistant

It is very challenging for single mothers to pay the down payment amount for a house, and it is the main reason that most single moms do not have their residents. This single mother housing assistance helps them to pay the down payment.

The Florida Finance Corporation, FHFC, has three different down payment assistance programs for single mothers depending on their income. FHFC pays the down payments on behalf of the qualifying single moms.

There are some other financial assistance programs for single mothers. These programs will indirectly help single mothers to own a house. They can use these programs to pay their bills and save money to buy a home.

Florida Low income House Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This program provides aid for paying utility bills. It is for low-income families and single mothers. So, if you are eligible for this program, your house power will not be cut even if you don’t pay the electricity bills.

This program will help with bills for single moms pays their bills. There are three types of benefits to this program. Crisis assistance provides you the home energy bills and aids to take care of your family.

Food Assistance Program (SNAP)

The primary purpose of the Food Assistance Program is to provide nutritious food to low-income families and single mothers. They will get monthly payments for their food bills. You can call on 866 762 2237 to get more information about this program.

SUNCAP- Help For Single Moms

The SUNCAP assistance program offer help for single moms. It is for single moms who receive Supplemental Security Income. It helps them to buy nutritious food for their families. Call on 202 720 5964 for more information.

Florida Discount Drug Card

If you need medications more frequently and the family income is meager, you can apply for the Florida Discount Drug Card, which gives you a great discount on medicines. More than 5000 pharmacies are accepting this discount drug card.

Florida Health Care Access Program

If your family income is low or you are a single mother, you can be eligible for this health care access program. You will receive a quality, affordable health insurance plan, and you will have full access to health care.

This government assistance for single mothers program aims to help people in a medical emergency and cover their medical expenses. There are various types of health insurance included in this program. For more details, you can call on 386 676 7110.

Temporary Cash Assistant (TCA)

The temporary Cash Assistant program offers cash assistance to single mothers with children under 18 or under 19 if they are full-time secondary school students. This cash assistance is beneficial for single mothers because it is very tough for single mothers to manage food bills, utility bills, school fees, and many other expenses.

When the single mother can’t work after the 6th month or 9th-month pregnancy, TCA provides them cash assistance. You can contact the Florida Department of Children and Families at 866 762 2237 for more TCA information.

Disability Benefits and Programs

If you are a single mother and your child is disabled, you can apply for this assistance program. You will get financial assistance, in-home care, equipment, and many different things. For more details, call on 866 273 2273 to contact Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

If you are living in Georgia or hold citizenship of it then you can visit Housing Assistance in ga for single mothers.

Daycare Assistance Florida Single Mothers

Single and working mothers have to take care of the child alone. As a single parent, she can’t leave her kid at home during working hours. She has to have put her child in daycare or preschool. However, as a single parent, it is hard to cover all daycare and education costs alone. But thanks to the government, single mothers get various assistance for child daycare assistance.

daycare assistance florida single mothers
Get daycare assistance florida single mothers

Child and daycare assistance Florida single mothers

In this program, qualifying moms and children will get government assistance for childcare costs and school fees. If the single mother is working and there is no one to look after the kids, they will get help in the daycare. For more information, call on 888 524 3578.

Frequently Asked Questions

What assistance is available for single mothers in Florida?

TANF is available in Florida for single moms. If you need any kind of assistance in Florida then you make a phone call at 1-866-762-2237.

Who qualifies for housing assistance in Florida?

People with low income, poor families, single parents especially single moms, senior citizens, lone persons, and the physically disabled person often qualify for housing assistance in Florida.

What financial help can I get as a single parent?

You can receive Universal Credit, Free school meals, Healthy Start vouchers, Child Benefits, Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Council Tax Reduction, and NHS Low Income Scheme benefits as a single parent.

How do you qualify for low income housing in Florida?

To qualify for low-income housing in Florida, your income should be excessively low or at or below 30% of the area median income.


There is various Florida housing assistance for single mothers. Some provide direct aid for shelter and give a low-interest home loan, and some provide help indirectly for housing assistance. Hopefully, from this article, you knew about the housing assistance programs for single mothers in Florida. Comment below if you have any questions.

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