Get Free Twin Beds & Mattress For Your Toddlers Today!!!

Being a parent is the most beautiful experience of a person’s life. A single child brings happiness to a parent’s life but this joy is doubled when there are twins in the family. One also needs to buy all the things in double amounts which can cost quite a lot, es[ecially when it comes to beds and other furniture. One can get free twin beds from various sources to get rid of the tension of investing in this expensive commodity. One also needs mattresses with beds, mattresses are an expensive commodity as well. Parents can now get free twin mattresses and free twin beds for their lovely duo.

A free twin bed has its own benefits. The most important factor is savings. A parent can save a lot of money by opting for a free twin bed. A lot of charities and organizations provide free twin beds and free twin mattresses. Another benefit of applying for free twin beds is that you can avoid quarrel that occurs between the twins for different things.

Getting them similar beds can help reduce the fight. You can also get free twin beds for girls if you are fortunate to have girl twins in your house. When I was shopping for twin beds, I was suggested to look for a free twin bed near me. Often there are various ways to get what you want easily from your own locality itself. I searched for a free twin bed near me and I found some really helpful and fruitful deals. This post is all about how to get free twin beds. Read along to know the sources that provide free twin beds for girls as well as free twin beds for toddlers.

Where To Look For Free Twin Beds?

Taking care of all the needs of twins in a family can be a tad bit hard for low-income families. Often it’s not possible to fulfill all their needs due to high rates of even the most basic commodity. One such commodity is beds. Beds are quite costly these days. Buying a bed has become quite a task for low-income families. To facilitate them there have been various charities that have come forward and taken the initiative of providing free twin beds for low-income and needy families. Some of these organizations have been listed here. These charities have been a blessing to many needy families in their time of crisis.

free twin beds
free twin beds
  • Samaritan House:

Samaritan House is a non-profit organization that provides free twin beds for the needy. It is located in New York and it provides all the items of furniture including twin beds. They strive to provide better living standards for children. Their main goal is to provide a good lifestyle to children of financially unstable families. You can get items like beds, dressers, closets, cabinets, etc. from this organization. However, they do not provide large items like washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, etc.

All you need to do is fill an online application form and state the reason to why are you eligible for the program offered by the organization. If found legitimate then you would be provided with a free twin bed as soon as possible. The charity offers free furniture every six months. Thus, you can apply free twin mattress & beds again after 6 months if you think you need any kind of help with the furniture in your house.

  • Reach & Store:

It is more of a mediator than a providing source. Reach & Store is an organization that connects people. Both, the needy and the benevolent are a part of this organization. It connects people in the community so that they can prove to be helpful to each other in times of need or emergency. I suggested this option when I was looking for free twin beds near me. It provides all the required help to families seeking free twin beds for toddlers or free twin beds for girls.

To be a part of this organization you can contact them on the number provided by them on their website or you can post your query on the website itself. Their office is at Hopkins. If you wish to visit you can get the exact address from the website itself.

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  • Furniture For Families:

Furniture For Families is a non-profit organization that as the name suggests provides furniture for free to low-income and needy families. All kinds of furniture items can be obtained from this organization. It provides beds, cribs, closets, tables, cabinets, and all the other important items of furniture. One needs to go through a screening process organized by the Human or Social Service Agency.

You would need to fill the FFF Referral Form in order to be eligible for the screening. Once you get selected by the agency, you can then visit the store that is working in collaboration with the organization and you can select a bed of your choice. You would need to provide the FFF number to the caseworker before going for bed hunting.

  • Salvation Army:

One can never forget to mention the Salvation Army hen it comes to charities helping the people out of their miseries. Salvation Army is the largest organization of the United States of America. It is a nationwide organization that provides its services across the towns and cities of the U.S. Salvation Army is known to provide free furniture to the needy. It provides all kinds of furniture. If you are lucky then you might all get free twin beds for girls.

All you need to do is locate a Salvation Army office in your town or city and visit their office with your problem. Narrate them your story and convey your needs clearly so that they can help you accordingly. You can also visit their website and reach out to them for help online.

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Sources That Provide Free Twin Mattress

Mattresses too along with beds are one of the most costly commodities in today’s times. Buying the right mattress which is affordable as well is a herculean task for low-income families. What if they are provided free mattresses? What if they are provided free twin mattresses for the twins in their family? If all these what-ifs turn in to reality then it will be a lot easier for the low-income parents to nurture their children. There are some charities that provide free twin mattresses to the needy and low-income.

Free twin mattress
Get free twin mattress & beds for kids
  • Saint Vincent de Paul:

One of them is Saint Vincent de Paul. Saint Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization that not only provides free twin mattresses but also helps the needy with other resources of daily needs. It strives to provide free food, shelter, clothing, furniture, job opportunities, and education to those who are not fortunate enough to buy it for themselves.

You can find a help center of this organization in almost every town of the United States of America as, like the Salvation Army, this charity also is a nationwide organization. To be eligible for the free twin bed program offered by the organization you need to fill an online application form and use the voucher that says you come from a low-income family. If found eligible you would be provided with the item of furniture you requested for.

  • Beds4Kids:

Another charity that helps people with free twin mattresses is Beds4kids. It is a private-owned charity that specially provides free twin mattresses and free mattresses for children. It is a charity that provides help on a first come first serve basis. It also does not provide transportation services to its applicants. Although there is one more limitation to this program. Only three mattresses are provided to one family. Not more than 3 mattresses would be granted to one single family. You would need to be quick in the process or you might not be able to avail the benefits of the program.

Also, it is not a compulsion that only 3 free twin mattresses will be provided to each family. One can also ask for 1 or 2 free twin mattresses. You can apply for these mattresses according to your need. But one should bear in mind that he or she would not get more than 3 mattresses.

  • Love Inc.:

Love Inc. is a charity organization that works with local charities and congregations to provide for families in the community. Love Inc. provides free twin mattresses as well as free twin beds to those in need. Apart from beds and mattresses it also provides other essentials for free. These resources include food, clothing, shelter, education, and many more items of daily use. It also provides help with the repair works of the furniture. One can apply to this charity by visiting their office in Sacramento or by visiting their official website. A few basic eligibility criteria are to be met with and there! You would be having your own mattress and that too free of cost.

One can also search for free twin beds and free twin mattresses in classifieds in their local newspapers. Garage sales and yard sales are other great options to get beds and mattresses for free or at affordable prices.


Beds and mattresses can burn a hole in a parent’s pockets. When it comes to buying it for two people, it is a much greater task. For low-income families, free twin beds and free twin mattresses have proved to be a boon. Hundreds of needy families have been benefitted by the programs providing a free twin bed near me. These charities have not only been helpful in providing furniture but also have served people in various other ways. If you or someone you know is in need of help you can suggest these charities to them. All the important information regarding the deadlines and eligibility criteria can be obtained from the sites of these respective organizations.

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