16 Free Parenting Classes Near Me

Free parenting classes near me and you offer the right help for new mothers and fathers. Often, to-be parents or new parents get anxious about their child’s welfare. These parenting classes near me and you provide the needed guidance through several sessions and courses. Moreover, there are free parenting classes online as well. These free parenting classes with certificates give a sense of achievement to the applicants as in the end, one would get not only pertinent information but also a certificate stating the completion of the course.

Often people feel inferior in taking parenting classes but let me tell you it is highly informative and by listening to people sharing their experiences, you can learn how to deal with certain situations if you ever come across them. Not only that but the benefit of free online parenting classes for new parents is that you can enroll yourselves without having to go and learn physically. These parenting courses online free of cost are quite a useful deal. Read along to learn about these free parenting classes near me and you. However, let me first tell you what parenting classes are and why they are beneficial for new parents.

Free Parenting Classes Near Me And You

There is a lot of haze around the term parenting class because of which many parents find it awkward to enroll in one. But let me tell you what it actually is. As said earlier parenting classes offer you a chance to meet with other parents and discuss a wide range of issues you have encountered. These courses not only provide you with the required information on how to parent a child but also offers ways to enhance the relationship the parents share with each other. Another benefit of enrolling yourself in these classes is that you no longer feel like certain things are only happening with you or between you and your child.

Often these parenting classes are paid but for parents who can not afford to pay there is a provision for free parenting classes online as well as offline. Now you must be wondering what is the use of imparting your priceless time to something like this. Well, the answer is very simple. These free parenting classes are near me and you offer a wide range of parenting courses that you can choose from based on your preference. They offer tips and tricks to:

  1. Boost your child’s confidence and morale
  2. Manage your child or your own frustration and anger
  3. Instill values and morals
  4. Maintain your child’s health, both mental and physical
  5. Tackle misbehavior in a way that it never happens again
  6. Assist your child with learning to set healthy boundaries
Free parenting classes near me

These are some basic skills that these classes offer. Apart from these, you can also learn how to manage and maintain a healthy relationship between yourself and your child. Especially for new parents, these courses offer guidance regarding teaching social skills. Often we see some children are shy when it comes to making friends. To ensure that your child doesn’t go through this, these courses teach you ways to make your child learn to generate and maintain friendships and have harmonious relationships with their siblings. I know, I know every child is unique and there are no generic ways to deal with children that can be used for your child.

These courses do not offer readymade solutions to your problems but act as a guiding light. When you would learn how other parents handled situations similar to yours you will have a different perspective as to how you would deal with your child. Now, what will you find when you type: “Free parenting classes near me.” Below is a list of a few renowned parenting classes. Now, these classes have their branches all over the nation yet I’d suggest you check if they offer their services in your area.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P Program):

One of the most reviewed programs not only across the United States of America but around the globe is the Triple P Program. The Triple P Program or the Positive Parenting Program is one of the most effective programs based on evidence and research of 35 years and more. The program offers a set of tools/ideas that can help you strategically handle your child. It helps you:

  1. raise happy and confident kids
  2. manage misbehavior
  3. encourage likable behavior
  4. take care of yourself as a parent
  5. create routines that are easy to follow through

The Triple P Program is for parents of toddlers to teens (0-12 years)  while their Teen Triple P Program helps you understand your children entering the pre-teen or teen stage. The program offers you lifetime access to their tools but you would have to pay a minimal price of $84.95. They also have a 30-day money-back policy. You can opt for their free parenting classes online. Once you have enrolled yourself in these courses you would be provided with the required material and at the end a certificate!!! Yes, a certificate for completing a parenting class. You would also get video assistance and assistance through blogs. There’s an open forum as well where you can post your queries and get effective solutions.

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Positive Parenting Solutions:

Yet another renowned free parenting class, Positive Parenting Solutions is one of the top-rated free parenting classes online. The program offers free parenting classes with certificates and is frequently visited by new parents. The program is an initiative by Amy McCready who is a mother of 2 boys. After extensive research and severe charity work where she experimented with her course and how it helped the public, Amy came up with a well-tailored program called Positive Parenting Solutions. At first, she began by teaching the course in churches, community centers, preschools, companies, and YMCAs but as the course gained popularity she decided to manage it full-time

Through the free parenting classes near me and you offered by Amy through PPS, one can gain a step-by-step roadmap that can prove to be useful in tackling the greatest issues ever faced in parenting. Just like Triple P, PPS also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can either pay 12 installments of $19.99 or single payment of $199 and get yourself lifetime access to all of Amy’s tools that can prove useful in overcoming challenging situations and difficulties throughout your life. Amy teaches how to handle bedtime wars, potty training, technology battles, chore wars, sibling rivalry, getting your s/o to help you, morning fuss, homework hassles, and several other issues that come along while raising a child.

Forever Parenting: 

One of the best free parenting classes near me and you when it comes to single or independent parenting. Forever Parenting is appropriate for parents who wish to raise their children separately. Offered by the University of Minnesota, Forever Parenting offers a chance for both parents for being actively present in their child’s life. Even after having experienced two separate lifestyles, your child would still share a strong bond with you and this is what this course ensures.

You can also enroll in this class if you already have a child but are going through a divorce, separation, or custody case. The organization understands that such situations are emotionally draining for parents as well as children and that is the reason the curriculum of the course is curated in a manner that after taking the course the learner shall feel grounded and has a better understanding of what to do next. You can get all the other details regarding the class from the official website of the University of Minnesota.

Infant Nutrition: 

Nutrition is yet another important aspect of raising a newborn baby. One small mistake in nourishing your child in its formative years can hamper his or her growth and not let you make this mistake Karen Campbell is going to be your guide for a month and teach you how to take care of your child’s nutrition. Infant Nutrition is a course introduced by Deakin University and comes in 3 options. The first option is where you can pay $1919 and get access to the course and get several other benefits like completing the course at your own pace, testing your knowledge with frequent tests and assessments, and achieving a certificate on completion.

The next option is to pay $3675 and get yourself free access to everything that the course offers for $1919 and additionally get access to 1000+ more courses related to child care and nurturing. But if you are looking for free parenting classes online then you can opt for the third option that they offer where you only get access to the course contents and not other facilities offered by the organization. You would also have to complete the course in the time frame of 2 weeks or 15 days to be precise.

List Of Free Parenting Classes Online

With the world at your fingertips, you can gain knowledge sitting in the comfort of your couch. Be it ordering food, or clothes, or enrolling in a course, everything can be accomplished online. Most often than not you can get material online for free of cost. Movies, web series, or a useful parenting class, you can get all of this for free online. Free parenting classes online are the trend in today’s busy life. These classes enable you to nurture your kids in the most appropriate way possible and of course in a way that proves to be helpful in establishing a great connection and bond between the two of you.

Priceless Parenting

One of the most terrifying thoughts about being a parent is raising your child right. Often parents feel like they are failing at raising their children well. To get rid of such thoughts there are these free parenting classes online where you can learn a thing or two about parenting. These are often completely free online parenting classes with certificates. You can not only educate yourself but also understand what needs to be changed in your own parenting style to make the environment of the house peaceful and growth-friendly for your child.

Free Parenting Classes Online

I know you must be in confusion as to whether or not will the organization and its courses prove helpful for you. Priceless Parenting only offers award-winning online parenting classes. These courses have been recommended by counselors, lawyers, and therapists. Based on the latest research, these courses teach in a way that touches both the heart and the soul. The classes are segregated based on the age of your child. There are classes for parenting a child of 0-5 years age group, and 6-12 years age group. and 13-18 years age group. These are the shaping years for any child and Priceless Parenting understands that.

To enroll yourself all you need to do is fill out the registration form and pay a minor fee of $89. Once you are done with the process, you will be admitted to the class immediately. The fun part of all this is it only takes 8 hours to finish the lessons and you can go at your own pace. They also have a monthly group coaching session which you will be invited regularly for the first three months and at the end of the course, you will also receive a certificate.

Priceless Parenting also caters to the needs of financially backward citizens. They offer certain resources for free so as to help clueless parents handle their children better. You can learn with others through a presentation on a Zoo call or you can book a private tutoring session if you feel like it. They also provide you with books on Parenting if it piques your interest.

The Path of Conscious Parenting

Tutored by Dr. Shefali and Vishen Lakhani, the Path of Conscious Parenting offers free parenting classes near me and you. The organization offers courses on core principles of parenting, especially conscious parenting. Through these courses, parents are counseled for viewing their child as an individual. Parents are also taught the difference between traditional parenting methods and new-age parenting methods. Shaping parents’ psyche is of utmost importance. Through specially curated courses new parents can and even seasoned parents can learn how to not project unmet needs onto the child and strengthen the bond.

A majority of the time parents tend to forget that every child has different needs and the way to fulfill those needs can vary. Even if there are 2 children in the same family, the pathway to fulfill their needs can be the polar opposite. In order to understand that and work on it, you need guidance and that very guidance is offered by the organization. You can get professional help in understanding the vital needs of your child and ways to fulfill those needs.

Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

Intending to impart knowledge and useful tools that can make parenting easier, Peace at Home Parenting Solutions offers free parenting classes online. Officials at Peace at Home believe that parenting is a science. Hence, through their experience and ability to make the parents understand the power of relationships, they conduct helpful sessions. New parents can learn the ways to tackle questions on difficult topics such as racism, navigating grief, difficulties in school, mental health obstacles, neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+ preferences.

Till now we came across courses and classes that offer us this unique guidance for a minimal charge but this organization offers all the important information FREE OF COST!!!! Not only are these courses free of cost but they are online as well. Apart from these benefits, there’s also an option of getting these courses in dual language. The sessions are conducted monthly in English and quarterly in Spanish. All you need to do is register yourself and you will be provided a ZOOM link for their free sessions.

You also get free access to class recordings for a lifetime along with the ever-present class list in both languages. The organization offers you a chance to be a part of their Private Facebook community and attend the monthly Q&A sessions where you get to ask and solve your queries and learn from the experiences of other parents. You can visit their official website to get yourself registered. Once you are done with your registration and login process you would have the access to all the resources that they offer but to get to the community and Q&A sessions you would have to attend the classes first.

Universities Offering Free Online Parenting Classes With Certificate

Us humans always link hard work with rewards which often come in the guise of recognition. Getting a certificate for learning how to rear a child seems a bit absurd but achievable and universities rather than top universities of the world are offering this sense of achievement absolutely free of cost. Imagine understanding the titbits of parenting from a Yale professor. Seems like a dream right? Well, there are these universities that offer free online parenting classes with certificates upon completion. Trust me when I say that you will be shocked on finding some of these universities on this list.

Yale University:

One of the colleges of Ivy League offers free parenting classes near me and without charging absolutely anything. Everyday Parenting or the ABCs of Child Rearing taught by Dr. Alan E. Kazdin offers a curated toolkit of behavior-change techniques. These techniques tend to make a typical day in your house easier to survive as they help you develop the kind of behavior you would like your child to inculcate.

The lessons are a step-by-step guide that also includes demonstrations making it easier for you to enhance your course of action with both toddlers and teens. Throughout the 4 week-long sessions, you would learn the importance of tonality and the usage of proper phrasing. Often there arises miscommunication between parents and children because of the words that parents use or the tone in which they communicate with their young ones, especially teens and pre-teens.

free parenting classes with certificates

This is one of those perfect free online parenting classes for new parents as it also talks about parenting misconceptions and myths. It stresses ineffective strategies which are thought to be normal and have been in existence for ages. However, only learning about these misconceptions and parenting techniques is not enough. The course has a task-based approach and it encourages session-takers to put to use whatever they learn from the sessions on a daily basis.

The course in no way indicates that there is something wrong with your parental techniques but one can view these courses as an assistance manual and its videos as guides to solve any kind of hindrances you might come across as a parent. These videos have proven effective in altering a child’s behavior from being troublesome to less notorious for many subscribers and the great thing is you can have them in 3 languages.

The language of instruction will be English throughout the course but there is a facility for subtitles offered where subscribers can learn in Chinese and Spanish languages. You can access this course through the online learning portal called Coursera.

The Open University

Now I know you may or may not have heard this name but trust me if it’s on this list it is going to be of great help to you. The Open University offers one of the most important courses in free online parenting classes with certificates sector and that is raising your child in today’s digital world. The course is free of cost and so is the certificate!!! You can complete the course at your own pace, there is no time constraint. It is a beginner-level course that discusses the merits and demerits of technology in the lives of toddlers, teens, and young adults.

The course is divided into 4 weeks where every week you are acquainted with a different perspective regarding the current tussle with digitization and parenting. The course leaves a decent room for feedback and queries along with offering interactive classes. The course is offered by OpenLearn and the mode of instruction remains to be English. You may find it under parenting courses or sociology courses on the platform.

University of Colorado

A 4-week long course specially curated for new parents and most importantly new fathers, Supporting Parents of a Newborn Baby is one of those free parenting classes near me and that offers continuous support and guidance from the last few months of pregnancy till a couple of years after childbirth. Guided by Dr. Mary Kohn, the course deals with techniques of being supportive towards your partner as a co-parent, grandparent, father, or guardian.

It also touches upon post-partum depression, care providing, family support, fatherhood, early bonding, relationship bonding, and newborn assessment. It is a free online course but in order to get a certificate, you would have to pay a certain amount. The mode of instruction is English but you will get transcripts and subtitles in languages like French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and English.

It is a beginner-level course for new parents and to-be parents. You can find this course on Coursera. It may appear under parenting courses or sociology courses. It can be viewed as part of newborn baby care as it covers a major portion of what awaits after birthing a child.

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Most Popular Free Online Parenting Classes For New Parents:

Being a parent is rewarding and most of the time the best feeling in the world. With all the sleepless nights and tiring daily schedules, new parents can relate to this very closely. However, if you wish to rid yourself of this trouble and want a peaceful environment at home then I would suggest you enroll yourself in these free online parenting classes for new parents.

Now let me tell you that enrolling yourself in these kinds of parenting classes in no way means that there is something wrong with your parenting style or that you do not know how to raise your kid. It can prove to help streamline your schedule, check your behavior with your kid, and most importantly make your life as a parent a tad bit easier.

Parenting Now:

Parenting Now is a platform that is offering free guidance to new parents. Its First Three Years Online program is an online course for new parents offering useful information and assistance regarding child-rearing for the first 3 years after the child’s birth. This free online parenting class works according to the latest research on child development, positive parenting strategies, and cognitive growth so that it can offer you the right and generation-friendly tools to support your child’s health and well-being.

What does this course entail? Well, new parents will get the opportunity to learn:

  1. The new trends and tools that actually work in today’s times along with the right expectations for your child
  2. Tools that can enhance your child’s cognitive growth
  3. Stress and anger management skills
  4. Right ways to inculcate discipline where the child would learn discipline as a way of life and not a punishment
  5. Tips to encourage rich social support networks for parents.
free online parenting classes for new parents

All this pretty much covers everything you need to learn or know about in the earliest years of your child’s birth. Here comes the good part. You can get this knowledge without paying even a single penny. F3Y Online Program offers the required guidance through videos, emails, interactive sessions, and printable information, and you as a parent are provided free access to all of this treasure. Not only this but the program also covers a lot many areas surrounding your child and your health.

You can learn about these by visiting the official website of the organization. You would come across another website there which would lead you to additional information but before that, you would have to register yourself into the course and use a given password to gain access to everything that they are willing to offer.

Alison’s Advanced Parenting Skills

Many a time we have observed that children do not listen to their parents attentively while they are in a conversation. This is a headache in today’s times, the child is busy with his tablet or mobile phone and the parent is rambling on about some chore or just simply trying to strike up a conversation. This suggests that you have not been able to utilize the power of your relationship entirely.

Do not worry!!! Prof. Paul has done the learning part of this problem and has a solution for this very problem of yours. Prof. Paul is a therapist and tutor for new parents who struggle to communicate effectively with their children. Professor teaches parents tips and tricks to cool down battles in the family and get back to pleasant conversation as soon as possible.  You can apply to these free online parenting classes for new parents and to get a certificate you would have to achieve 80% or higher in each assessment.

The One Week Parenting Miracle

Seems a bit out of the box but you can actually learn to create miracles in your parenting within a week. The One Week Parenting Miracle is precisely the course in need, You got a rude child? A disrespectful one? A disobedient one? Not to worry, you can change all this within a week’s time. Professionals in this course focus on acquainting parents with tidbits of parenting that literally harm their relationship with their children forever.

However, at the end of this series of free online parenting classes for new parents, you would become an expert in inculcating discipline in your child. You would know your way to motivate your child and help them reach their true potential. Along with these benefits, you would also have the pleasure of living in a peaceful environment under one roof with your children and significant other.

Once you complete the course you would get a completion certificate. The course has 2 hrs of learning material and is offered by the online education portal Udemy. The mode of instruction for this particular course is English. It is an intermediate-level course, meaning the level of difficulty is a level more than easy, and you can complete the course at your own pace. You may find it under the tags of self-development and parenting.

Parenting Courses Online Free Of Cost For Single Parents

Feeling stressed with a baby on the way is the way of the world. Single Parents and new parents fret a little more because it is an entirely novel journey that they embark on. In such a situation, if one finds the right assistance then the burden on those parents can lessen a lot. A cherry on top would be getting these guides and guidelines absolutely free of cost!!! Now there are several free parenting courses online that offer guidance and assistance free of cost but not many of them focus specifically on single parenting.

Parenting courses online free of cost for single parents are rare but not nonexistent. You can find such courses online by searching with the right words and phrases but we have made it easier for you. Here’s a list of courses and websites that offer free parenting courses within the reach of your coffeemaker.

Childhood and Growing Up

A thorough study of childhood, child development, and adolescence, Childhood and Growing Up is one of the best free parenting classes near me and you!!! The course offers a chance to its takers to think about the developmental process of the child which is affected by several external factors. It also provides a peek into conversations that may happen between you and your child in their adolescence and/or childhood.

Parenting Courses Online Free Of Cost

It is a 12-week course inclusive of virtual texts, videos, discussion forums, weekly quizzes ad end-term evaluation for assessment of the course taker. Taught by Dr. Elizabeth Kuruvilla, the course and its contents are absolutely free. However, in order to receive a certificate of completion, you would have to pay a minimal fee. The mode of instruction is English throughout the course and you can find this course on the online platform called Swayam.

Offered by an organization called IGNOU, you may find the course under the title of Teacher Professional Development Courses on the platform. The timeline for completion of the course is quite flexible and you can complete the course at your convenience.

Early Childhood Care and Education

A 15-week course that offers almost all the details on child-rearing in the first six years of a child’s life, Early Childhood Care and Education is a parenting class taught by Dr. K. Arockia Maraichelvi. One’s brain develops the most in the first six years of his/her life and in these years one learns majorly from the experiences one has. This is exactly what the course focuses on. Basing its curriculum on insights from various fields like psychology, sociology, medicine, and neuroscience, in particular, ECCE offers a wide range of plans and methods.

These plans and methods which are taught or suggested to the enrolling parents serve the purpose of providing their children with enjoyable experiences in these 6 years. The results of these experiences can be seen throughout the rest of their lives as these experiences would lead the children to be competent, confident, and able learners. These methods and plans are often interactive- in the sense, parents are to do certain activities with their children so as to imbibe good qualities, or there can be peer training experiments where children are taught to do things alongside their peers (children of the same age as your kid).

The course is offered by CEC (Consortium for Educational Communication) via the online platform SWAYAM. The mode of instruction will be English throughout the course and the learning is completely free of cost. However, if you wish to enroll in one of those free online parenting classes with a certificate then too this is a good choice. Although you would have to pay for receiving the certificate.

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Joyful Life of Caregiving

Short on time? Take a week-long course. In an even tighter time crunch? Take a one-hour course. Yes!!! You can gain the essentials and basics of caregiving within one hour and that too absolutely free of cost!!! Joyful Life of Caregiving is one of the few free parenting courses near me and you that teach you the ABCs of caregiving within an hour. As such this course can cost you a minimum fee of $12 but luckily the providers of this course are offering their knowledge for free of cost if you register now.

After taking the course you would be able to efficiently create a joyful environment for yourself and your child. You would also learn the importance of doing the work with your children along with the importance of taking care of yourself as a parent and ways to administer the same. Throughout the course, you would be provided with written material, wonderful videos, and useful audio clips and at the end of all this there will be a quiz which would be a multiple choice and you might have to complete a few written assignments so as to complete the said course.

Once you have enrolled for the course, you would have 12 months to finish the said tasks and complete the course. If you complete the course within the said time frame you would become eligible to receive a course completion certificate. You can access this course through the portal of Care COurses. The mode of instruction shall be English so fluency in speaking and understanding of the language is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of parenting styles?

 The four types of parenting are given the following: Authoritarian, Permissive, Uninvolved/neglectful, and Authoritative.

Is it necessary for parents to attend parenting classes?

Parenting classes educate parents about what to expect in the upcoming years and how to deal with it. But it is natural also. So attending parenting classes is never compulsory.

What does a parenting course involve?

Parenting courses teach relation building. It involves Defining credit, freedom, speaking and hearing skills, one-on-one time, unquestioning love and approval, providing favorable awareness and compassion, Colonial talents and all.

Are parenting classes effective?

Yes, 100% effective. It enhances communication skills between the duo of parent and offspring.


Whether it is your firstborn or not, the jitters of childbirth and child-rearing always linger. In such moments of stress these free parenting classes near me and you can certainly prove to be relaxants. Not only do they offer you insights on how to deal with difficult situations but by hearing other parents talk about their issues one definitely feels included, that they are not alone or that their parenting is not faulty. Along with information, these classes and courses also offer a sense of accomplishment by being free parenting classes with certificates.

For more information, you may reach out to the respective organizations and websites. They would offer you a detailed overview of all the courses they have to offer. It may happen that you might come across a course that meets your needs better than the one you had in mind.

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