Top 7 Grants For Recovering Addicts

There are scholarships and grants for recovering addicts to help and support them maintain a clean life and continue their education. As college campuses are well aware of the problem of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. College students make such mistakes in their life and make their life worse with this addiction. These grants and scholarships for recovering addicts play a crucial role to help and support the youth. Here, we discuss further in brief scholarships for recovered addicts.

Many initiatives on campus target those students with active alcohol and drug abuse. These scholarships for recovering addicts help such students with alcohol and drug addictions. There are also scholarships for recovering students from addictions. They get help from grants for recovering addicts to get them into college. In this article, we discuss in brief scholarships for addicts in recovery. Read along.

Government Grants For Recovering Addicts

Does the government also provide grants for recovering addicts? Yes, the federal government and state government both help people who are looking for college grants for recovering addicts. However, government-granted scholarships for recovering addicts differ depending on the financial circumstances and location. If it is provided by both the federal and state government then it may vary their services and qualifications to get help and support.

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One of the popular government grants for recovering addicts is SAMHSA. SAMHSA stands for substance abuse and mental health services administration. And it is a federal grant for those who are recovering from addiction. Through SAMHSA, block grants are directly provided to state addiction treatment providers. So, they can directly provide benefits to those who directly need them. As it is a federal government grant then it has some specific requirements and eligibility criteria to get the benefits of grants for recovering addicts. If you are a single mother and financially unstable then you also have options to choose hardship loans for single mothers for the quickest way to get money.

One should meet the requirements of the program to get the benefits of grants. If you want more information about that SAMHSA federal grant then you can also visit its official website on the internet. Firstly, verify whether you are eligible for the grant or not. In case, if you are qualified then go for the other application process which is guided by the authorities. Additionally, you can also contact them through the given calling number or email address.

Plus, do attach the documents they require to get qualified. If in case, you don’t have any document which is required then try to make them first and then apply. Because a complete application has more chances to get selected compared to incomplete applications. Now, you can also get help from state-funded or local government grants for recovering addicts. Further, we discuss scholarships for recovering addicts, especially college students. Read along.

Scholarships For Recovering Addicts – Returning To College In Recovery

Scholarships for recovered addicts or recovering addicts may offer them hope and a better future. Students who decide to recover need to be committed. And make continuity of their absence from drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. Students in recovery mode are at a greater risk for relapses during embarking on a life-changing journey. Recovering from addictions is a tough process to go through, but the outcome is no doubt positive.

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There are thousands of youngsters and also middle-aged people across the united states of America today, who fall into dangerous addictions every day. But there are such youngsters and even adults who realize their mistakes. And now want to be clean and for that, numerous organizations help people recover from their addictions. Here we discuss a few steps that help you to succeed as a college student in rehabilitation. So, let’s get started:

  1. Simply, communicate with other students who are in recovery too. Supporting networks will help you a lot. However, it can be scary to return to school. However, numerous students have learned from those students who complete their academics with a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Make an education plan that gives you a clear idea of your goals and objectives. And this will surely lead you to the right decision to complete your degree successfully.
  3. However, for a successful recovery, you need to find the right school for it. Because, students in recovery have to look beyond academics and identify personal stressors like financial counseling, treatment resources, campus recovery, and so on.
  4. We recommend you to a safe and supportive housing community. Because it will lead you to reduce stress and triggers.
  5. Counseling is the best option. Additionally, you can seek help from friends and family members as well as the program that helps off-campus. And this will lead you to avoid isolation and negative feelings that come during recovery time.
  6. Stay organized and keep a schedule so you can manage stress.
  7. And participate only in such events that promote the creation and substance-free networks.
  8. You can even join CRCs and CRPs. where CRCs stand for collegiate rehabilitation community and CRPs stand for Collegiate recovery program. These offer help and support to college students who are recovering. Although CRPs and CRCs may not be available on every campus. But they are becoming common rapidly.

If you are one of those youngsters and adults who wants to recover. Then, these are the few steps that will help you to lead a happy and healthy life. Meanwhile, numerous organizations grant scholarships to recovering addicts. We already discussed government grants for recovering addicts. Now, we further discuss scholarships that are provided by the organizations that help youngsters and adults to recover.

Organizations That Help With Scholarships For Recovered Addicts

This is not an easy process to get rid of addictions. It requires commitment, continuity, and help from others to get free from addictions. However, some organizations understand your situation and stand to give you a helping hand with scholarships for recovering addicts. Let’s get to know about the organizations that grant to recovering addicts.

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Hope For Healing Scholarship

The hope for healing scholarships for recovering addicts is offered by FHE health. They help students who decide to recover from addictions. Youngsters or adults who are enrolled in a degree program related to nursing, mental/behavioral health, or addiction medicine can apply for such scholarships for recovered addicts. Veterans, minority students, and students with disabilities are qualified for these college grants for recovering addicts.

Additionally, you must enroll in a graduate and undergraduate degree program to get benefits from their scholarships for recovering addicts. If you meet the criteria that are set by the authorities then you get awarded $5000. And This awarded money is for undergraduates and students who are pursuing masters or doctoral degrees. Winners will be announced on March 14th, 2022.

Face The Music Scholarship

Face the music is one of the best scholarships for recovering addicts. As these organizations help with grants for recovering addicts by partnering with generous donors to save the lives of addicts. So, if you are a student who is struggling to get quality treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Then, this is the place where you get every necessary help and support to come back to your normal life routine all clean.

Here, you have to go through a very easy application process. And don’t worry there is no long list of criteria to get qualified for scholarships for recovered addicts. You have to just be expressive and clear about your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Face the music is the place that helps thousands of people with their scholarships for addicts in recovery, and surely they will help you too. The awarded money may vary and there is no such education qualification required to get a scholarship for recovering alcoholics.

RCA Hope For Addiction Scholarship

RCA stands for the recovery center of America. And the hope of addiction scholarship is a great program which is arranged by the RCA to help students who are fighting addiction to get recover. However, these college grants for recovering addicts programs are launched to encourage students of universities and colleges. So, they can get rid of their drug or alcohol addiction and get back to their academics. And these scholarships for recovering alcoholics are open for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Some eligibility criteria are required to get qualified for college grants for recovering drug addicts. If you prove that you are a US citizen, you must be enrolled or in the enrollment process at an accredited college, university, or trade school in the United States. The awarded money for the winners is $1,000. If you want to know more about their services and scholarships then you can also visit their official website.

CCRC Scholarships

CCRC stands for center for collegiate recovery communities. It is located at Texas University. It offers scholarships for recovered addicts to those students who have suffered the consequences of addiction and are in a state of recovery. These scholarships for recovering addicts are made to help addicted students with financial support. So they can overcome disorders including sex addiction, eating disorders, and others that keep them away to live a normal and healthy life.

If you want assistance with college grants for recovering addicts, you must have at least one continuous year of abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Because this scholarship is for those people who are committed to their recovery commitment. If you want to know more about their scholarships for addicts in recovery programs then you can visit their official website. The awarded amount can vary. And the education qualification they require is graduate and undergraduate level.

Liberty Ranch Addiction & Mental Health Scholarship

The liberty ranch rehabilitation center offers scholarships for recovered addicts. Their scholarships for recovering alcoholics provide financial support to those students who have been through health challenges and addiction. However, this scholarship for recovering alcoholics is also open for those students who are interested to work in mental health-related fields. If you do have not enough money for education you can get free education using single moms to get paid to go to school Program.

High school students, graduate, and undergraduate students, or enrolled in an accredited college and university student can apply for these scholarships for recovering addicts. This scholarship is only for US citizens and for those students who are studying mental health or addiction-related studies. You can continue with your application process with 500 essay words that express why you need this college grant for recovering addicts. The awarded money is provided $1000. And this program is provided by the Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center.

AtTacking Addiction Scholarship

As the name suggests, the AtTacking Addiction scholarship is organized every year for those who are making a positive difference in battling addiction. They financially support those people who get qualified for this program. Students pursuing full-time two or four-year degrees related to behavioral science from any college can apply for their college grants for recovering addicts.

You have to prove your state of recovery and express your willingness to come back to college. Fill up your application form with a 500-word long essay expressing why you need scholarships for recovering addicts. The awarded amount for winners is $1000. And the education qualification they require is graduate and undergraduate level.

The Alpine Recovery Lodge Bi-Annual Scholarship

The alpine recovery lodge offers scholarships for recovering addicts twice a year. High school seniors, graduates and undergraduates students and students who are directly affected by the addiction can apply for their scholarships. The awarded money they provide is $1000. However, this scholarship is only for the residents of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, or Nevada. 

So, if you belong to any one of these places then you can apply for the scholarship. Winners are only chosen based on essays they submit during the application process. So, make sure you make it with more effort including financial issues, and express how you get affected by the addiction. If you need more information about their scholarship program then you can also visit their official website. You can also visit good career paths for single mothers Guide Post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a recovered addict?

The recovered addict is a term that is used for those individuals who overcome their addiction. Individuals are over their addiction and now they can start to rebuild their lives with a clean healthy life.

What are the five stages of recovery?

The five stages of addiction are pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.

What is the final stage of recovery?

the final stage of recovery is advanced recovery. Which comes after the five years of abstinence from your addiction. You will reach the fourth and final stage of your rehab which is known as advanced recovery.


All these grants for recovering addicts are opportunities for those students who are battling addiction. To help and support students numerous organizations stand to provide scholarships for recovering addicts. Some organizations also provide scholarships for recovered addicts so they can build a healthy and better life ahead. In this article, we discuss in brief scholarships for addicts in recovery. Thanks for reading.

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