15 Best At Home Jobs For Single Moms

Being a single parent isn’t easy for anyone. One has to face uncountable troubles in their life. As a single parent, you have to earn money for your family as well as manage your time to balance your personal life. Job, homework, and raising kids aren’t easy to manage. However, the worst thing while being a single parent is you have to earn money alone for yourself and the betterment of your family. Here, we discuss “At home jobs for single moms” which is best for them.

If you are a mother and looking for the best at home jobs for single moms then this article is helpful for you. There are opportunities like work from home job for single moms with no qualifications which allow them to balance their life. Through such opportunities, you will be able to make your life balance between personal and professional life. In this article. We discuss in brief such at home jobs for single moms.

How To Find At Home Jobs For Single Moms?

Finding single mom work from home jobs, which is best for them to balance their personal and work life isn’t easy. If you are a single parent or a single mother looking for jobs with a baby, you will go through some challenges. But Home jobs  are less challenging compare to regular on site work.

Research Your Options

Researching your options is a crucial part while hunting for a job. If you haven’t selected any industry then try to spend some time studying your options. Because researching options will make you aware that you will get flexible time in your job or not. Additionally, not only does flexible time matter but how much you get paid, and what benefits you also get matters to have a good and healthy life.

Obtain Some Training

Many of the flexible at-home jobs for single moms required some specialized training. According to “Working Mother ” magazine, in 2012 100 companies are there that provide high-paying jobs for single moms.

However, except for five, all these jobs belong to health care, financial industries, and technology. To get such jobs you have to get some training. For example, if you want to work as a web developer then you should know coding.

Prepare A Child Care Plan

Being a single mother won’t give you priority during hunting for jobs. Companies never compromise with their growth. So, don’t expect that they will discriminate against you because you are a single mother. Even, they ensure first that you have a childcare plan or not. Because they want you to work during working hours as focused as any other employee.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to share your childcare plan with them. All you have to do is assure them that you never get distracted because of your child during working hours. Preparing a child care plan can lead you to get job opportunities.

15 Single Mom Work From Home Jobs

To get work from home single mom jobs you have many options across several industries. Being a single mom who knows her possibilities can get a suitable remote career that she wants to pursue. Here are the 15 best single mom work from home jobs that will definitely help you to have a good and healthy life. Let’s begin.

single mom work from home

Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary per year: $37,146

Primary Duties: Data entry clerks manage the data which is stored in the computer system using insert and update operations. They collect numerous information and compile it.

Additionally, they review the accuracy of all data. The data entry clerk is not the work from home job type but now due to the demand getting high, it becomes one of the best home jobs for single moms.

Health Coach

Average Salary per year: $41,937

Primary Duties: Health coach jobs are getting increased nowadays. Health coaches guide their clients on the proper diet which works for their fitness and overall wellness. They create a new lifestyle for their clients which helps them to have a healthy and fit life.

They primarily focus on individual health goals and needs and according to their goals and needs, they ensure a wellness plan for them. And it is one of the at home jobs for single moms which is best for them.


Average Salary per year: $53,117

Primary Duties: proofreaders simply review the contents for spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting errors, and syntax. They ensure the quality with readability and make the edits as per the needs.

Child Care Provider

Average Salary per year: $32,964

Primary Duties: As the name suggests, childcare providers work to supervise and provide care for the children in a childcare facility. They help with their growth, and social development, keep them active and also assist them with their daily homework.


Average Salary per year: $39,806

Primary Duties: Blogging is a demanding job. And the best thing about blogging is that it is also included in the at home jobs for single moms. Bloggers write online content on a specific topic for their blogging website.

They come up with ideas, and creativity for blog posts, and write, edit and promote their content online. Through their writing work, they share information, opinions, ideas, and strategies and even guide people on numerous topics and issues.

Recruiting Coordinator

Average Salary per year: $41,604

Primary Duties: Recruiting coordinator works for companies and industries. They work for the companies hiring needs. For example, how many employees a company needs with a specific specialty. According to them, they manage candidates in the recruitment process, and schedule interviews to hire new employees. They get paid to work alongside the human resources department and as well as external recruiters.


Average Salary per year: $42,634

Primary Duties: Transcriptionists work to listen to audio and video recordings and then they write out everything they hear into a long text. They do that for company meetings and other conversations. Additionally, they review and edit transcriptions and ensure the satisfaction of clients. According to the client’s needs, they work.

Accounting Clerk

Average Salary per year: $49,373

Primary Duties: As the name suggests, An Accounting Clerk works for industries and companies. They keep the record of companies as well as clients’ financial records up to date. They also report using several technologies like software to process the transactions and reconcile the bank accounts.


Average Salary per year: $52,403

Primary Duties: There are many types of writers. Some used to write poets, authors, screenwriters, playwrights, and reporters. They work to use written words to share and communicate their opinions and ideas. Editing the contents, distributing the work, researching ideas, and looking for publishing opportunities are the primary work of writers.

Customer Service Representative

Average Salary per year: $53,147

Primary Duties: companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and much more need customer service representatives. Who works to answer calls of customers, and listen to their complaints and concerns. On calls, they work to take orders, process returns, and ensure customers’ satisfaction and have a good experience with the company.

Graphic Designer

Average Salary per year: $53,852

Primary Duties: Graphic Designers work to design graphics for their clients. Examples are logos, posts, invitations, advertisements, signage, and many more. They sketch their ideas according to the client’s need for better understanding and use design software to digitize their ideas and creativity.


Average Salary per year: $40,968

Primary Duties: A bookkeeper works for companies and industries. They maintain the company’s financial accounts and documents that are related to transactions. They also work to update the general ledger and reconcile the accounting system entries.

Media Specialist

Average Salary per year: $46,135

Primary Duties: Another best at home jobs for single moms is social medial specialists. They use their skills and ideas to publish content on the company’s social media platforms. They engage with customers by responding to their comments to increase brand awareness and build the audience. They even monitor the platform metrics. In short, they work on several platforms to build customers for their companies.


Average Salary per year: $53,644

Primary Duties: Tutors help students to have healthy growth in their student life. We are helping them with their homework, guiding them to prepare for exams, and providing support, motivation, and encouragement for education. The tutor is one of the best at home jobs for single moms because the time requirement here is very less.

Virtual Assistant

Average Salary per year: $66,576

Primary Duties: Virtual Assistance works for their clients and it is another at home jobs for single moms which are best for them. They work to manage their calls, and emails, schedule meetings for them, update their contact list, organize their calendar, make travel arrangements, and all the online records they keep with them.

Why Work From Home Jobs For Single Moms Is Best?

Why is a single mom working from home jobs the best career for mothers? Here, we discuss briefly on this topic. There is a huge list of benefits of this single mom’s work from home jobs. You can give the best time to your kids and families while working from home. For example, picking up and dropping them at their schools and picking up your father from the airport, etc.

work from home jobs

You never have to worry about which season it is, whether it is snowing or raining. Because you don’t have to go outside for work as you are at home jobs for single moms. You can have healthy food by making it at your home. Working at an office may lead you to eat outside. So, here you save your money and health.

Flexibility in work. You don’t have to work according to your boss, manage your time and work accordingly whenever you want to. No need to buy expensive office clothes. You can work in your comfortable clothes if you are at home working for single moms.

These are the few benefits that you can get while working in from home. There are a lot of benefits that you can’t even think of. That’s why working from home for single moms is best. At home jobs for single moms can decrease a lot of challenges that they may face in office jobs.

Wrapping It Up

Single mother faces several difficulties in their life. But at home jobs for single moms help such mothers who want to balance their professional and personal life. Single mom work from home jobs is the best option for them to make growth in their life. In this article, we discussed the 15  work from home jobs that are best suitable for them. To get to know about jobs for single moms at home read the article. Thanks for reading.

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